At Mallinson Plumbing and Heating, based in Brighouse, our specialist gas and plumbing engineers are committed to providing our customers with a reliable, high-quality service in a professional manner. Our expertise and knowledge covers an extensive range of plumbing repair aspects, including:

  • Leaks

  • Overflows

  • Taps

  • Showers

  • Toilets

  • Sinks

  • Washing Machines

  • Dish Washers

  • Thermostatic Valves

  • Pipework (burst or blocked pipes)

Hot Water Cylinders

At Mallinson Plumbing and Heating, we specialise in all types of hot water system offering more than 40 years of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We offer a highly professional service across Brighouse. Halifax, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas. We have a team of experienced and qualified plumbers who we guarantee to install the right hot water system for you.


We are specialists in all hot water systems, open vented, unvented and instantaneous as follows:

Open vented hot water systems
This system uses many different parts to heat the water. It consists of a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage cistern (tank), special pipework (known as an open vent pipe), and a heat source to heat the water.
There are two types of open vented hot water: direct heating (immersion heater) and indirect heating (boiler).

Unvented hot water systems
These systems are far more complicated, but provide high pressure hot water supply. They are designed to no longer need a storage cistern and operate at a higher pressure than the open vented system.
There are two types of open vented hot water: direct heating (immersion heater) and indirect heating (boiler).

Instantaneous hot water heating systems
This method involves using gas or electricity to heat the water to a useable temperature without the need to store the water. The electric versions use a coiled heating element to heat the water rapidly in a similar way to a kettle or immersion heater.

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